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WarmFeet® is a complementary, educational, all natural,
                      non-pharmaceutical treatment which increases peripheral circulation!

YOU are the one in charge of learning and
practicing the technique regularly, for a sustained effect!

The power is there within you!

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be sent to you by email. Written instructions to relax and obtain a thermometer

for assisted temperature biofeedback will be included


Cassette WarmFeet® Kit

CD WarmFeet® Kit

The WarmFeet® self-help training kit is easy to follow and learn. This is helpful for persons who are well motivated and want to improve their circulation and well-being. If you feel you would like a health care professional to guide you in learning the technique, inquire with Health Education for Life, use the CONTACT box. We work with your healthcare team or clinic and can provide more findings and professional training materials to them.

Note to persons with diabetes:  When the body relaxes it uses the carbohydrates in your body more effectively. You may notice a decline in blood sugar 2-3 hours after relaxation. For people with insulin dependent diabetes it is important to be aware of this, and to have sugar available to treat it,  if necessary. Testing blood sugar more often as you start this program is advisable. You may want to consult with your physician.

The WarmFeet® Kit includes either an audio CD or an audio Cassette with:
1. Written as well as recorded relaxation instructions (16 minutes)
2. The guided relaxation (meditation) recording (16 minutes)
3. A personal alcohol skin thermometer, for the option of learning to relax with assisted temperature biofeedback.
         Audio-CD,  and $5.00 for shipping and handling in US funds.
         In Minnesota a sales tax of 7.125%,  is added.
        Audio cassette, and $5.00 for shipping and handling in US funds.
        In Minnesota a sales tax of 7.125%,  is added.


       The MP3 is an audio file, will have both the Instruction and relaxation in it.

        The email will contain directions to obtain a thermometer.

To order a WarmFeet® kit

As a professional member or the American Diabetes Association and the American Association of Diabetes Educators it is important for me to encourage you to do all you can to learn from them.  B.Rice

The 2017 ADA EXPO is going to be held at the    
Minneapolis Convention Center, Saturday, October 14, 2017
9am - 3 pm Minneapolis, MN 

It provides presentations, health screenings, food/exercise activities, counseling and all the newest diabetes products. Many free ideas, recipes and prizes. 

TOTAL attendees for 2016 ADA EXPO was 8,325 People!!

For international orders, all over the world, shipping and handling is around $14.00 in US funds.
For clinics or groups wanting to order in bulk, request a discount. Use the CONTACT box below.

If you wish to order by mail, please send your request,
a check in US funds($) and your name and address to:
7412 Parkview Drive,
St. Paul, MN 55112  USA
Phone: 763.785.4013
Email:  info@warmfeetkit.com

Contact Information

Your contact information is kept confidential It will not be shared with anyone.

Locally in Minneapolis, Minnesota,  WarmFeet® classes are taught at the Pathways organization a community which helps people explore ways to come to holistic health through classes, special events, and individual sessions.  Please call for current schedule (612) 822-9061. Website http://www.pathwaysminneapolis.org
UPDATE on Local Events : The 2016 American Council of the Blind Convention met in Minneapolis, MNBirgitta Rice presented to the blind audience the significant findings and lead the WarmFeet relaxation. An option to use assisted temperature biofeedback was offered. Participants eagerly  compared the finger temperatures from before to after the relaxation. The increased temperature was a significant sign that relaxation had taken place.

Relaxation, Circulation Meditation

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