“Practice makes perfect” the saying goes, and when doing so - making it a habit - you, yourself will contribute to accomplishing your health goals.

It increases circulation to hands and feet in a Natural way!

At complete healing


Female, Type 1 diabetes, Ulcers duration 2+ years - Complete ulcer healing occurred at 10 weeks



At complete healing


By practicing the WarmFeet® relaxation technique, described in the guide of the CD or cassette tape, you will come to learn the skill of relaxation - the Circulation Meditation. Relaxation allows the peripheral blood vessels to widen, which permits more warm blood to flow through the area of the hands and feet.

To maximize positive outcomes of this technique, it is very important that you daily spend some time in learning it. You will have some success right away, improving blood flow and warming your feet. But practicing regularly, 1 or 2 times a day, 16 minutes at a time, will allow you to learn this new skill to mastery. Learning any new skill takes time, patience and practice. Time varies from person to person. You are actually giving your body a ‘time out’ to repair and heal itself. Using ‘visualization’ to imagine the hoped for health outcome is highly effective.
How can I know if I am really relaxing correctly?

It takes advantage of the body's natural  response in relaxation by lowering the heart rate and blood pressure. It also routes blood away from the muscles and vital organs towards the digestive system and skin. The peripheral blood vessel diameter increases allowing the skin to warm. In addition it boosts the amount of oxygen and nutrients absorbed by the tissues.

Findings from using the WarmFeet® intervention together with medical care have been highly significant and positive for pain relief and wound healing in controlled randomized studies. Of patients who practiced the technique in one of the studies, 87.5% healed their chronic foot ulcers within 12 weeks, compared to 43.7% in the control groups without the technique. A complete Bibliography of published research findings and articles in general health magazines about the effect of WarmFeet® relaxation are found on the About Us page.

How does WarmFeet® work?

Relaxation, Circulation Meditation


You can learn this by using assisted temperature biofeedback (measuring skin temperature in hands or feet before and after relaxation). A higher skin temperature after relaxing, shows that you are more relaxed.   Included in the WarmFeet® Kit is a personal alcohol thermometer and instructions on how to use it. The assisted temperature biofeedback is an option to help and guide you in developing your skill of relaxation.

Male, Type 1 diabetes, Ulcers duration 11 months - Complete ulcer healing occurred at 12 weeks

At the start of the study

At complete healing


At the start of the study

Female, Type 2 diabetes, Ulcer duration 4 months - Complete ulcer healing occurred at 4 weeks

Images of Ulcer Healing


How does the WarmFeet® relaxation work?

What can I do now?

YOU now have the opportunity to find out more at this site and learn the Circulation Meditation by ordering and using The WarmFeet® Kit.

If you will set aside some time to learn the skill, it will be well worth it. You will have some success right away and the benefits will increase with practice. The technique is easy to learn and very pleasant. While you are learning the skill, it is good to select a quiet environment in which to practice - a place where you will not be disturbed. Later, when you have mastered the technique, you can choose to relax anywhere, anytime.

You will be in charge, involved in your wellness and healing process. It is all there, within you. “Practice makes perfect” the saying goes, and when doing so - making it a habit - you, yourself will contribute to accomplishing your health goals. Consistent practice is very important.

1) increased blood flow to the feet;
2) less pain in legs & feet;
3) increased healing rate of foot ulcers or sores
4) increased coping skills for life.

Most everyone is able to benefit from learning to relax with the WarmFeet® technique. Your whole being will benefit. People who have poor circulation in the legs due to age or complications from diabetes and/or peripheral arterial disease will show the most remarkable improvements.

At the start of the study

Benefits of daily practice with the WarmFeet® technique provides: